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Projects from 2020
Cross platform software for automated analytics (speed/count/paths) of vehicles on street from video with state of art detection capabilities (92%+ accuracy) in Indian scenarios.

Salient features

  • Industry standard tracking algorithm to track vehicles and visualise traffic flow
  • Count vehicles that cross given line(s) or simply by selecting the interested paths
  • Local processing or remote processing over an intranet accessible GPU cluster / cloud service provider (with Node.js)
  • CSV, 1xVideo, Fast Video (only include snapshots of vehicles crossing) data exporting for quick verification
  • License management capability to distribute the software with pay-as-you-go billing
  • Ability to add as many trained models/versions as required if a scene doesn't give high accuracy on existing models

Supported Platforms

Virtual IIT Dharwad campus
An attempt to simulate campus environment made while experimenting with Socket.IO (and Node.js).

Salient features

  • Properly positioned rooms of academic block (including board room and library), auditorium and Keervani hostel)
  • Chat while not in a room (which have live meetings powered by Jitsi Meet)
Projects from 2019
Community engagement platform to bring together people enthusiastic about Assistive Technology.

Salient features

  • Collaboratively edit projects
  • Manage workshops (creating its page, creating registration forms, distributing files, accepting payments, notifying participants or subset)
  • Manage community (invite people, post open roles, assign tasks)
  • Manage meetings rooms (shorten and edit Zoom-like links)
  • Manage challenges for encouraging solutions to a particular problem

Tilex is a JavaScript fullscreen tile expansion library. It converts into buttons that, on clicking, expand to cover the screen.

A course rating website made to aid prospective students make better decisions while choosing courses and professors to work with.

Salient features

  • Recommender system (Nearest Graph Neighbour) for courses
  • Live population variety graph

Projects from 2017
Insitute's gated community management platform, used in IIT Dharwad till Fall 2019.

Salient features

  • Intuitive dashboard to manage hostel complaints
  • Automatic workflows for certain types of complaints (like internet, housekeeping, etc)
  • Manage leave requests and view them on timeline and on map
  • Manage hostel management team (wardens, secretaries, deans, etc.) with specific roles assigned
  • Manage challenges for encouraging solutions to a particular problem

.ITX Search Engine
A complete search engine to crawl .itx files and scan for sanskrit text.

Salient features

  • Complete file based database for quick porting
  • Ability to download results as sanskrit PDF documents

Projects from 2016
Aimed at converting static HTML themes to blogs, PostPublish is a CMS that's easier and lighter than WordPress to manage and install.

Salient features

  • Manage team members (restricting priviledges if required)
  • Simple one-liner include statement to add full fledged blog
  • Manage community (invite people, post open roles, assign tasks)

A website (+ Android web app) to manage laundry (and get reminders to use washing machine/dryer) made while learning PHP.

A color mixing project made while learning peculiarities of Javascript.