Harshal GajjarHarshal Gajjar

Programmer, Circuit explorer, Avid cyclist, Mathematica enthusiast and music lover.
I started coding when I was 13. At first, I was just using Logo to draw cool figures. It was fun, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually I found that I enjoyed coding, and I began teaching myself Visual Basic. And later HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python, C++, MatLab and Wolfram.
Being kind of a problem solver, perfectionist and extremely competitive, I have the energy and enthusiasm required to cycle to any destination, and if it's for a noble cause I've probably reached.

👋 Contact

[email protected]
+91 88795 85099

Current Excitations

  • ML (GANs specifically)
  • VR user experience
  • Quantum Computing
  • Team Performance Analysis
  • Long Distance Cycling
  • Astrophysics

Current Status

  • 4th Year Undergrad (CS Major) at Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad
  • Wolfram Language Student Ambassador
  • Volunteer at Humanistic.app

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